The Best Smart Locks for Your Home 2020

Are you worried about your home security? If you want to keep your house safe and secure then you need to choose the best smart locks for your house and August smart lock can be your best choice. A smart lock offers greater than home protection; you’ll unlock with your phone, keep an eye on the whereabouts of family members, and also take care of other smart house devices.

What is a Smart Lock?

A Smart lock changes a typical lock right into a keyless entrance door lock to your home. Most smart locks link to your residence’s Wi-fi, and also are simple to lock and unlock utilizing a touch display pin code or the lock’s mobile app. You’ll have the ability to unlock your door when you’re outside your house if your hands are full or provide site visitors accessibility if you’re away.

The Benefits of Smart Locks

If you are looking safe living Smart locks is the initial step to keeping your home secured without worry. You’ll have the ability to leave home without wondering whether or not you left the door opened, or where you last had your secrets. With numerous different choices and functions to select from, there are many advantages of Smart Locks.

– Keyless entry

If you use smart Lock, you’ll be able to lock the door and also throw out the secret. Smart door locks are created to be convenient however give extra safety and security keyless access such as passcodes, fingerprints, and unlocking the door utilizing your smart device. Your guests will also have a simple accessibility to your home when you provide a securely created passcode specially created for their usage.

– Additional safety and security and security

Thieves will have a more difficult time splitting your passcodes as well as breaking through tough bump evidence structures. They may locate it more difficult to pry your door open than most conventional locks. A lot of clever door locks even have added measures to shuffle your code quickly after access or include extra numbers before as well as after the code. And with your smartphone, you’ll constantly have convenience in recognizing that comes and goes with immediate mobile alerts.

– A smarter residence

Pairing your smart lock with your Amazon Alexa, smart safety and security system or lights will offer you additional control with the touch of a button even when you’re away. Have a look at our Buyers Overview for Residence Automation Products to discover exactly how interconnectivity is key throughout your smart residence.

– Biometric access

The best Smart locks utilize your fingerprint to lock as well as unlock your door on a touch screen.

– Voice commands

A lot of today’s smart locks deal with Amazon Alexa and also Google Assistant to tell your voice aide to lock or open your door hands-free.

– Back-lit keypad

When you arrive home in the evening, your smart lock ought to consist of a backlight to illuminate the numbers as well as make it very easy to open your door.

– Several ways to secure as well as unlock

You ought to have the ability to unlock as well as lock your door using the keypad, your Smartphone, fingerprint, or various other methods for easy accessibility.

– Automatic door lock

Some clever locks can be configured to instantly secure behind you in case you forget so your house will certainly constantly be safe.

Why you will choose August Smart Locks?
Satin Nickel August Pro Smart Locks
Now a day’s August smart lock is very popular in the USA. If you’re looking for a reliable, easy-to-use & well-designed smart lock, the August smart lock is a great option. The lock unit is designed large and simple, centering on a traditional keypad. With this lock installed, you can unlock your door with a custom code, a traditional physical key, o&r with your Smartphone via your smart home network.

It’s controlled from your Smartphone using the free app, which gives you the ability to remotely lock and unlock your front door. Auto-unlock gives you quick and convenient access when you’re approaching your home, and auto-lock locks the door behind you when you’re on the way out to work or elsewhere.
For me, the 3 major benefits (in order of value) to a Smart lock are:

1.Auto-unlock – A great Smart lock ought to have a system that can identify when you obtain home and also immediately unlock your door for you. The August lock as well as several various other firms have some type of this.

2. Remote visitor access – In my point of view, the best way to do this is with a keypad. August has the alternative to purchase a keypad. Or else your site visitor can download the August app as well as you can provide access with the application.

3.Auto-lock – When I go to bed at night, I have one routine that closes all the lights off and also secures the doors. By doing this, I never need to ask yourself if I locked the door or not.

Will August Smart Lock fit?

The August Smart Lock Pro works with many single-cylinder deadbolts. Given that they’re one of the most typical deadbolts in the U.S., it’s likely the August Smart Lock Pro will deal with your door.

Can smart door locks be hacked?

Smart locks are practical yet, similar to any kind of digital technology, they can be hacked. Nevertheless, he does see value in the added protection Smart locks give, such as making use of a cam to see and also tape whoever goes to the door, as well as the ease of having the ability to form another location run a door.

Does smart locks require wi-fi?

A Smart lock requires to able to communicate with the remainder of your Smart house setup as well as with your phone. Most will certainly do that utilizing among 3 common communication procedures: Bluetooth, Z-Wave, or Wi-Fi.

Tips for buying a smart lock:
• Make sure it includes the three features I listed above in the major advantages section.
• Make sure the lock can still be opened using a key. That way if the batteries die, it can still be opened.
• Also, a keypad is nice in case your phone dies or the lock loses its wireless connection or for remote guest access.


Smart locks can be a very convenient way to secure your home no matter where you are at. There’s no more guessing when it comes to knowing whether your property is safe or is it open for anyone to just walk right in and steal all your precious assets that you’ve bought over time. Having a smart lock will allow you to check all these and more from the comfort of your bed at night, or simply unlock your house from your car in a rainy day. It works wonders for comfortability.

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